Making Your Room Memorable

[caption id="attachment_420" align="aligncenter" width="360" caption="At the beach in Oregon. I'm four years old and I think I'm being buried alive!"][/caption]

I was six years old when my family moved from Portland, Oregon to Sunnyvale, California. I was too small to miss my old home and my big sister was my best friend, so I didn't really miss the people I was leaving. Except, for my grandma and grandpa. I missed them so much- even for a big girl- it was tough being away from the hugs and kisses of my left-handed grandma.

[caption id="attachment_423" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Gma and Gpa came to visit when my youngest brother was born. Notice the iron spanish style chandelier and chic lattice drapes?"][/caption]

Missing them made me long for all things from my past. So, it's no wonder that today I fill my home, not only with vintage finds, but with pieces that tell stories about my life.

For example, I know I've already spent a lot of time on those bookshelves in my living room. But you should know that besides them being uber versatile and functional, they were also made by two important people in my life.

An ex-boyfriend built two of the shelves- to my very specific and controlling dimensions- when I lived in my studio apartment in San Francisco. Then I moved I wanted to re-create that look of built-ins for a much larger wall. So, I traded color and design expertise for the talents of my friend, Mick a woodworking genius, who made short work of three more shelves including one that fit perfectly under my television. These shelves were so rudimentary for him and such a boon for me. And I think of both of these awesome men every time I walk by these units.

For display, I chose my friend, Mateo's beautiful book (you can read my interview with him in the Great People category) and these gorgeous alabaster grapes I found at Dream, a treasure in and of itself in San Mateo on Claremont street.

[caption id="attachment_448" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Stacy, the owner of Dream, is as timeless as her taste and the beautiful objects she makes and finds for her store."][/caption]

TIP: Bringing stories and fond experiences into your home is one way you'll grow to love your space no matter how humble or temporary.

[caption id="attachment_424" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption=" I found this chandelier about 16 years ago at a garage sale on my way to work at Shabby Chic on Sacramento Street. It was $25 with all of the crystals and wiring in tact- such a treasure! It's been hanging in every home since then and I don't plan on ever letting it go!"][/caption]

TIP: Shop for pieces the way you shop for clothes- look for pieces that can be used in several room and serve more than one purpose. The more versatile the piece the more worthwhile the purchase and the more you'll appreciate your things as time goes by.

[caption id="attachment_429" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Me in Bryce Canyon in 1977. You probably can't see the dripping "Wet Paint" design on my t-shirt. Seems pretty prophetic now!"][/caption]

When I was nine years old, I went on a long trip in the "motorhome" with Gma, Gpa and my big sister.  We camped, listened to an 8-track of Forever in Blue Jeans, played card games, and probably totally wore out my grandparents. Still, my Gma bought us a souvenir spoon in every state we visited.

[caption id="attachment_430" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Today, everywhere I go I still buy a souvenir spoon. It's a way of honoring the memories my Gma preserved for me and creating adventures for my life right now. "][/caption]

Making Room for More isn't about living in the past, it's about being open to moments in the present that will become your next great story.

What are your favorite memories and how do they help you live more presently ? Show me your cool collections, favorite furniture, fondest photos...

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I love this. It’s funny how two people can have the same experience but take away different treasures. I have my spoon collection still, but don’t feel sentimental when I look at it. But I can’t look at a geranium or hydrangea without thinking of grandma and grandpa. I have both around my house. And thanks for not posting the picture on that trip with me and my boy haircut.


I’ve got your back, Shell. No boy haircut pics will be posted on this site :-)


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