For Joy! White Bathrooms

[caption id="attachment_287" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="South of France soap, His/Hers porcelain boxes found at Molte Cosa on Polk Street, Acuiesse candles- Rioja is my favorite scent, the green vintage dish jumped out at me in a vintage shop on Valencia Street. Staying focused is good when your shopping, but be open to surprises like these. Don't get distracted- make the purchase and get right back on track!"][/caption]

I’ve always had white bathrooms because they look so clean and fresh. They show off colorful towels, fresh soaps, and your favorite decorative pieces. I keep these few simple luxuries in mine. What do you keep in your white bathroom?

Quick note- years ago when my younger sister was just 3 or so years old- she shouted, "For joy! You're home!" I can't remember the occasion or who she said it to, but the phrase has stuck with me ever since. So, be prepared you might here it a lot on Wednesdays.

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