3 days to LOVE: Feeling lucky? Well are ya, Punk?

3 days to LOVE: Feeling lucky? Well are ya, Punk?

Good because I have a really fun, really easy, last minute idea for you.


Picture this: art...

in a box (that I made just for the countdown!)... To Go!

There are only 12 fortune plaques left from my 2015 'Good Fortune' installation.

Each sweet little plaque is one-of-a-kind...

and features a bit of good news written by me, printed in a fortune cookie factory, and hand selected by you.

Each plaque is hand painted on a variety of shapes so truly, no two pieces or fortunes are alike.

Go ahead, tell your lucky lover what you see for the very bright future!

Hurry, the fortunes are first come, first serve and going fast.

Choose your fortune(s) here:

* Reward are coming in spades so enjoy the journey now

* Be ready for the financial resources coming your way

* Your dreams are taking shape and will be realized soon

* Surprising new relationships will blossom in exciting fortunate ways

*Your travels will bring delightful opportunities and fortune

* An enchanted evening promised sweet surprises

*A delightful new space to live and work will be ready for you soon

* Your business partner is looking for you and eager to get started

*Happy events will soon take place in your home

* The relationships you building today will serve your well forever

*You're about to receive money from an unexpected source

* (blank) choose the fortune that best fits your love and I'll apply it to the blank plaque OR fill it in yourself with something especially perfect.

Call to purchase yours today

Buy one at $75 each, four for $275 or the whole lot twelve for $800





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