12 days to LOVE: How about a sweet surrender

Letting someone else take care of you can feel selfish, maybe even indulgent. That's why giving the gift of self-care to your partner is especially sweet. Maury's massage table is where I surrender best to healing my body and nurturing my soul.
Maury is the masseuse to see in San Francisco, especially if your sweetheart is athletic or active, looking to nurse an old injury or work out some niggling discomfort before it becomes something bigger.
And she honors that self-care with attentive, strong, and intuitive body work that will make you wonder why you ever thought it was selfish in the first place. She offers great packages, so make sure you get enough massages for the both of you. You'll keep going back - trust me.
(click Maury's image here to see her Yelp reviews)

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