11 days to LOVE: Everyone loves sweet little notes

A few thoughtful words and a simple bouquet of blooms goes a long way with love.
I loved painting this piece; it's undeniably feminine and made to brighten the corner of any room; kitchen, entry, bathroom, bedroom, hallway:-)
And, if your Honey loves art, architecture, historical figures, and sustainability, read on; this piece will be even more meaningful that it appears at first glance. (read below for the backstory)
The panel that became this painting started out a sample board I created for the 2015 Decorator Showcase House in San Francisco.
Designed by renowned California architect Julia Morgan who also designed Hearst Castle. She was the first female architecture student at L'Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris AND the first registered female architect in California.
The interior designer wanted the stairwell to look like Julia's notes were drifting down from the past to the present. So, I wrote sweet notes to, from and about Julia Morgan on both sides of about 80 pages of tracing paper and installed them in a random and slightly disoriented array on the stair panels that Julie, herself, designed.
If you're still reading, I felt so inspired by Julie Morgan during this project, that I decided to make my own little love letter to her. I painted over one of the tracing paper notes then added the stripes and flowers and texture until I felt like my letter to her was complete.

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