A Little Rough Around the Edges

A Little Rough Around the Edges

One of the best ways to bring a room to life is to play with contrast- light and dark, shiny and matte, rough and smooth...
The art direction I gave to gifted stylist, Ally Hsaio  was that the before and after photos had to be exactly the same except for the paint. She knew exactly what to do mixing the bohemian ruffled duvet cover with the shiny lacquer Bombay chest and brass framed chairs... see contrasting details!
Adding the clean symmetric stencil pattern with a rough edge border brought Ally's room design to life accentuating the beautiful and contrasting details she mixed so beautifully. I like this feathered edge because it's more forgiving, more artistic, and more fun than most of the DIY stencil and accent wall projects typically found on television and online.
I use this technique whenever I want a look that's more playful and spontaneous, like this bathroom wall where I started by painting a spray of flowers that echoes the shower curtain...
With the design in place, it was time to add the contrast for drama with an unexpected twist.
If you look closely in the lower right corner of this picture below, you'll see where I started the feathered edges on the accent wall to contrast with this dark wall of floral art. Keeps the room feeling fresh and fun even though the wall color is rather dark and serious. Again, contrast; light and dark, rough and smooth, color and no color...
Watch the Kelly-Moore Paints video here. You'll learn how to make your own stencil pattern, see the gorgeous Kelly-Moore Paint colors I chose for the peachy cheerful bedroom, and hopefully be inspired by the contrasting details that will make your room more polished and beautiful.

Stencil - Turn your wall into a work of art from Kelly-Moore Paints on Vimeo.

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