What's your name again?

What's your name again?

Shannon Kaye teamed up with Kelly-Moore Paints to create a series of videos that help you make your home more beautiful by color and design.

Years ago my sister told me about taking our little nephew to an amusement park for a fun day with his 'favorite' aunt. She was holding his hand, asking what he'd like to do first, 'go on a ride?' 'see the dolphin show?' He looked up at her, his tiny pointed finger by his quizzical eyes, which were also aimed at hers and asked, "What's your name again?"

With all the attention and gifts she was giving him, she'd forgotten the critical information! He didn't know her name or what to expect from their visit! We still laugh about that story. It's become a tagline in our family when we forget to mention the obvious, "Annnd, what's your name again?"

When you book a color consultation with me, the first thing we do is set a time to meet for at least an hour in the room(s) where you'd like help. I bring a paint deck, note pad and camera, and start with basic questions about who spends the most time in those rooms, how the space is used and how you'd like to feel there. As we move to more specifics about the objects in the room and the things you plan to add or remove, we start to formulate a color palette and even discuss other interior design and space planning ideas that may come up.

After our meeting(s) I compile a detailed paint chart for you and include any design points we covered so you have everything you need to book your painter, place your orders and start the transformation with confidence.

The time we spend together depends on the number of rooms and depth of the project. Exteriors, full remodels, new homes, for example, often take about three 1-2 hour visits. A couple of rooms that just need some freshening up can usually be tackled in about 2 hours including the chart preparation and follow up.

In other words, I'm here for you, you matter, and I'm happy to hold your hand through the process until you absolutely love the colors in your home. Let's make this our most colorful year yet!

Book your appointment between today and January 15th and enjoy an extra 20 minutes free at your consultation to ask me anything you'd like about color, style, furniture... 

Two-hour consulation

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