A Rose by Any Other Name...

I had such a great time filming a new video series for Kelly-Moore Paints. In the last series, we covered interior home painting basics like how to paint trim, ceilings, walls, etc. This time 'round, we're using color as a design tool and I share the steps for two decorative paint techniques that will hopefully get your creative mojo going for every room in your house!
The most interesting conversations we always have during filming are about the names of the paint colors. Having worked professionally with several paint companies, I know several paint decks intimately now and can recognize certain paint brands and colors immediately. I've come to appreciate and even enjoy the names of all these paint colors! People ask me all the time, "Who makes these name up?!". Here's my reply, "I actually know a few people who are tasked with coming up with the names, and would do it full time in a heartbeat if anyone asked!" Let's see how you'd do with a few colors we used for our videos. (Can't wait for you to see the design projects we've got in store for you!)
Quick, name the Kelly-Moore paint color for this front door!
How about these stripes?

Of course, color calibration on computer monitors and phone screens vary dramatically, but I think you get the idea.

When I told our cameraman, Owen, the name of the paint for this wall, he laughed and said, "It could be anything, like, Carribbean tide, or whatever water..." His assistant, Vanessa, replied, "No it can't! The Caribbean is bright blue, this color is dark and merky."

Quick what would you name this color?!

Atlantis is underwater, so yes, it is merky. Good one!

 I'll keep you posted on the launch of the video series, and in the meantime, if you know anyone who needs help naming paint colors, tell them I'm their gal. Just sayin'...




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