Un-Designed is the New Design

Maybe I'm getting a bit, ahem, old and cynical, but it just seems that most shelter blog articles these days feature homes with little or no design aesthetic at all. Sure, there's a smattering of popular items strewn across the room, like succulents by the window, teepee's in the corner, garlands of paper flowers strung overhead, a well placed family pet. But is this really good design? Is this design at all?

Maybe this is a reaction to the 2% and the rest of us are saying, "Eh, just keep your fancy chandeliers, I'm fine using a dusty old rug I found on the street and badly painted little girl desk from the flea market. I can make this nice!" Maybe we're just tired of worrying about what the others will think about our homes. Who cares whether our mother-in-law can get out of our low profile sofas. We are the ones who live here and we want to be comfortable. Perhaps we're just tired of all the social structures that dictate how we should be living and decorating. We can design and dress and cook and eat as well as the experts. Heck, we're all experts now! We have perfectly designed lives now. We're good enough, smart enough, and people like us!

Look, regardless of why you may have decided to go with the un-designed design trend, there is still one way to pull it all together and call it a beautiful room, and that's with color! If you choose the right paint colors, the things you love will stand out and look even better. Color can also disguise the not-so-good bits. A really good color and the right placement can do both!

Here are some un-designed rooms that look inviting, thoughtful and pulled together with gorgeous paint colors in all the right places. Paint remains the fastest, most cost effective way to transform a room. It’s worth it to spend your time in the process of choosing amazing colors and invest your money in the best paint and finish for your walls. To design or un-design is not the question. The question is, what paint colors will you choose to make your rooms beautiful?

Let me know if you need help with your color or design project or would like to host a HUE: Color Theory for homeowners event.
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