Color in the City, Iceland: Rooms Inspired by the View

Something about this photo resonates deep inside me, makes me want to go to this beautiful place, experience this kind of quiet in a landscape that must often be assaulting and rough. But how do I turn inspiration into art? How to you translate an image like this into a room design? I get asked this all the time. I'm not sure I can describe such a fluid process very succinctly, but here's a rough idea of how my thoughts move from the image or view to a tangible translation.

I start by trying to understand what it is about an image, a view, a moment that impresses me; the colors? contrasting shapes? the texture? Then, knowing that there isn't one 'right way' to make an idea my own, I just dive in using the references and looking for combinations of these elements that make sense in the space, the light, the surfaces where I'm working.

I consider the mood: the quietness of this room with order and elegance softened by rustic textures and the faded glow of colors we only see at dusk...
I notice the contrasts: the mix of texture and pattern with smooth clean surfaces...
And the similarities; subtle changes in color lap and layer in changing light...
I pay attention to the composition; the angles and lines created by natural materials in contrast to man made structures.
The key to translating an inspiring scene to your art or decor is not to literally interpret what you see, but to let the mood, the colors, the contrasts and nuances move your imagine so that even though the root of the idea is elsewhere, the finished piece is all your own.
(all color chips are provided by Kelly-Moore, they are representative of the colors Shannon sees and uses, they may look very different on your computer.)
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