Go To The Dark Side

So you'd love to try painting some dark colors in your home. What are you afraid of? You room will look too small? Too dark? Too dreary?
It's true, dark walls can do all of those things to a room. But they can also be elegant, cozy, dynamic and inviting. The key to choosing dark colors for your walls is to choose deep complex colors that make your feel happy to be there and make everything else in the room look more amazing. 

Decorating with complementary colors like these orange accessories against deep sea blue walls gives this powder room a luxurious and elegant feel even though the accessories are relatively inexpensive.

Using colors that are analogous to your walls feels a bit more casual leaving plenty of room for drama with big bold artwork and furniture in beautiful shapes and fabrics. Then whites and bright colors look crisp and the shapes of things stand out in dramatic silhouettes. My favorite effect? Metallics glimmer against these velvety dark colors and art look amazing.
So, go ahead, walk on the dark side and see how rich and luxurious your home can be. Look for art, furnishings and accessories that stand out against the deep hue. You'll find that rich jewel tones and dark neutral walls are easier and more versatile to work with than you think!
(all color chips courtesy of Kelly-Moore paints)
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