Ode to Green, my Love Story

Ever since I can remember, green has been my favorite color. Ask my mom. Every dress, skirt, outfit she ever made for me had to be green. I was just made that way.
A few years ago, my business was becoming focused on color and design consulting, and hosting and producing for television and video were taking off too. All fantastic things, but I missed the thing that got me to all these cool milestones in the first place; painting.
So, I started painting 'small', that is to say, painting on canvas rather than the designs I painted on walls, ceilings, floors, etc, for my early clients. Instinctively, I went to the verdant hues I know and trust. I painted a green paisley stripe pattern then added some flowers on top.
 Little did I know that a simple 20"x16" painting would start a whole floral series, which also led to my first pillow design and expanding my business in even bigger ways that I had imagined.
Several floral paintings later, I have a set of napkins...
a line of pillows...
and most recently, to this ambitious project; applying a linen print of my 'Green Paisley Floral' to the front of this vintage cabinet.
I was nervous tackling the cuts and application this project required. But I still know and love green, so it was perfect for keeping me focused and assured as I worked.

May sound strange, but for me, having green 'in my pocket' all these years has given me the freedom to create way beyond my comfort zone.

Ask my mom today and she'll tell you without hesitation, "Her favorite color? No question, it's green."

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