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One of the best ways to create your own unique design statement in a room is to gather your collections, your souvenirs and memorabilia to display in your built-ins. Grouping similar things together creates much greater style and impact than having them scattered throughout your home. (taken from my Pinterest board, Painted, here are some ideas)
When you display your collections, you get your prized possessions out of the attic, your room organized, and you share a bit of your personal history with those who join you in your home- all in one fell swoop!
As you arrange your things in the shelves, an organized field of pattern, shape and color will emerge. These are your cues for choosing paint colors that will bring out the best in your knick knacks and keep them looking alive and appreciated.
Your paint color options are pretty much endless! And the amount of time and money you spend on painting your bookcases is totally up to you as well.

Bring your painter in if you want a smooth, high-end high gloss finish on the entire shelving unit...

or grab you own paint brush and some tape for a dramatic backdrop of color.
Bright colors in your cubbies make white and light objects look clean and cheerful...
And you can use that same paint color for another piece in the room to tie the space together.
Or let your favorite upholstery inspire the cabinet color. There's no one or two 'right' colors for this, only the colors that resonate with you and show off your unique collections.
Pale colors tend to be more feminine and airy open...
while muted vintage inspired neutral colors add a rustic nostalgic feel to a room.
In my own home, I painted my cases with a neutral driftwood inspired faux bois finish to show off my books and trinkets arranged by color.
So the only questions left to ask are...
how will you tell your story?
(for these image resources and more ideas see my Pinterest board, Painted)


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