Create Moments in Your Home

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Overlooked nooks and quiet corners in your home are opportunities to do something special, to create a moment with paint, stencils, or wallpaper and a few personal touches.


These types of projects can be as involved or simple as you like. Paint the whole sha-bang, shop online for wallpaper or stencils, then hit the flea markets for cool objects and art. OR, just paint hidden element with your favorite color and gather a few things from around the house that altogether say, "Welcome!"

Paint a large built in cabinet or your closet doors (only if they're pretty or interesting in some way!)

Have fun with awkward dimensions! Call them out with color and design. Rather than try to make this nook look wider these colors and lines emphasize the tall narrowness of this space with dramatic wit.


Frame art in the room next door with the walls and doorway of the room before. Using dramatic colors between rooms leads visitors from one space to the next with a sense of discovery.

(All paint colors are found on Kelly-Moore Paints Color Studio- digital images are not exact representations of the paint color. Check with your local Kelly-Moore Paint dealer for paint chips and samples)




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