My Conversation with Anthology Magazine

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I was introduced to Anh-Minh, Co-Editor of Anthology Magazine a few years ago when she was looking for local interior designers for a San Francisco Chronicle article. A regular contributor to the Chronicle and many other publications, I had no idea that soon she'd be starting her own beautiful, artfully curated new magazine, Anthology, and eventually featuring my home!
What a treat, an honor, to get that call and then meet talented photographer, LIz Daly, and gifted stylist, Bryson Gill who took over my home in the most beautiful way. They were so fun to work with and so focused on sharing my home and work in a flattering light.
I've spent years working with people in their homes, teaching and hopefully empowering people through videos and television to be colorful and creative in their homes. I was a bit nervous, but mostly excited to invite everyone in for a look.
To pick up your copy and see more pics o my home, go to where you can order your copy directly or find stockists near you.
Thank you, Anh-Minh for making this sweet sweet moment for me. Thank you. 
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