Getting to Know You- The beginning of a beautiful friendship

Working from home can be a little, um, quiet. The other day a photographer and stylist came over to shoot my home for a magazine (can't wait to share more about that) and I was just so energized and inspired to have that creative flow coming from other people besides me.
As soon as they left, I called my friend, Madelene Farin, a food photographer, to come over. Then I called a couple more friends who were just as excited as I was to eat and chat over mimosa's in the middle of the week while Madelene captured the whole thing.
We had so much fun, I've decided I just have to do it again. Here's a glimpse of the first installment of:
Getting To Know You
A blogpost that involves getting together with creative professionals who are passionate about their work and appreciate the experience of food and home, entertaining and art.
Everyone, meet Veronique Kherian (Vero), founder of Miss Cheesemonger blog who's hosted cheese nights with Whole Foods and can be found at the Cowgirl Creamery in the Ferry Building doling out advice and tastings just for you.
And meet Linda Fahey, a gifted and dedicated ceramicist with a boutique, Yonder Shop, in Pacifica and clients like Anthropologie in her virtual Roladex (we all still know what those are, right?)
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