Makeshift Society aka: Why My Doors are Still Open


When I decided to develop the pillows, napkins, and furniture that I make for my Plein Heir by Shannon Kaye collection, I didn't realize what a shift this would be for my business and to my finances! My whole upbringing and career as a Decorative Painter is based on service, on taking care of people in their homes and helping them create rooms that make them feel better about their lives with courageous color and inspiring things.

What did I know about sourcing materials, pricing my goods, marketing products and creating an online store?

Luckily my friend and found for Brown Pigeon handcrafted rubber stamps, Meagan Lewis, told me about a class called 'Retail Readiness' at Makeshift Society, a community office space in San Francisco.

The class, taught by Makeshift Society founder, Rena Tom, gave me the information I needed for start my fledgling idea AND opened my eyes to the community I needed to help me succeed.

I signed up for Makeshift Society the day after that class and have enjoyed my membership every since. I realize I'm gushing here, but I don't mind showing my appreciation for such a nurturing, resourceful, inspiring organization from the founders to the worker bees and outrageously dedicated and helpful members. I can't tell you the number of opportunities and connections I've made thanks to this smart, tenacious, and generous crowd.



Recently, I notice a nice little mention on Martha Stewart's website. So many of us have entered her American Made contests, supported each other with votes and contributed in many ways to her site and the Maker movement as a whole.

(click here to read the Martha write up)

Feels good to step away from my studio for a minute and celebrate this organization to thank all of the members for teaching, sharing with and supporting me. Go to Makeshift today if you're thinking about starting or building your creative business.

And you too can help me keep the doors of Plein Heir open by sharing my shopping page, services, color theory workshops, and social media links with friends! By increasing sales I can build the capital I need to open my own little storefront and give back to everyone with a beautiful space that offers ideas and services to help you feel better about your homes and your lives.












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