I'm Taking Pink Seriously

For years, the mere site of mauve, dusty rose and electric pink brought on traumatic shock and made my eye twitch. The 80's are over and I never want to go back! But a couple of years ago...

(two linen prints of my 'Geo Fire' painting are applied to this vintage cabinet in my piano room- photo by Madelene Farin)

 I found myself mixing several versions of pink, without even thinking, to add a highlight against the dark inky colors I've always used in my paintings.

I made a saturated pink silk bed cover and painted this geometric triptych for my dark blue bedroom... I started adding pink flowers to my floral paintings and began collecting floral art for my mink colored bathroom wall.

What was happening?! Was I going back to the 80's?! Gosh, I hoped not.

I jumped on Pinterest for validation and found that lots of designers are using pink in all kinds of ways to make a dramatic statement, add energy to neutral palette, and just cheer up the serious colors we're seeing in so many rooms today. Turns out, pink may truly be as versatile as we thought it was in the 80's. Choose almost any wall color and see how a pink accent or two brings it to life. Here are a few images from Pinterest that had me breathing much easier. I still refuse to ever wear acid wash jeans again though- you can't make me.






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