A Clandestine Operation Worth Celebrating

Since meeting Laurie Furber, founder of Elsie Green, we've done some pretty fun and unusual things together...

Like hosting my workskhop, HUE: the color theory workshop for your home, right in the middle of her store!

So when she told me she was transforming this storage space )literally tucked into the side of a hill at Caldwell Winery, for the Traditional Home Magazine Napa Valley Home Tour) and wanted me to paint something secret and mysterious, I said, "hm, let me think abo- YES!"

Here's the room she showed me. "See, they're building a new wall just for you! This is going to be the wine cellar. "Okay," I thought, "definitely rustic..."

But as I explored the property...

(see more black/white photos and read the story here)

and learned about Caldwell's somewhat sordid and clandestine story about smuggling vines from France...

I began to paint...

and as Laurie brought her Elsie Green vision to the main room (the opening in the back corner, far right of the electrician, is where I was working during construction)...

my ideas began to taking shape.

And the vision came together, how better to honor Caldwell's story than a rough and subtle mural to tell his tale.

Of course, Laurie's rooms were a beautiful success!

We all celebrated at the preview party (me and my sweetheart who's always there to support!) and let me tell you, seeing John and Joy Caldwell's reaction to the 'secrets' Laurie and I included in that cellar was well worth the driving, cramped quarters, and construction noise. As always with Elsie Green, it was a wonderful adventure.


I'm sure Traditional Home magazine will come out soon with the story and plenty of pictures, but if you can't take the suspense, just go to the home tour! (click the link)

 Home Tour (now through Nov 16, 2014)

Keep an eye out for is this quote I painted then see if you notice the oak tree and every so subtle landscape. Enjoy!


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