Plein Heir's newest Torn Landscape pillow design

Getting to the point that I'm ready to create new designs and start modifying existing images to create new colorways in my pillows has been an eye-opening, nerve racking, and mostly exciting ride!

I'm thrilled to present to you, my latest Torn Landscape 22x22" Belgian linen pillows in yellow.

Making a debut appearance at the 34th Annual Hillsborough Kitchen Tour, the brilliant organic yellow stripe in this Torn Landscape design is a gorgeous and surprisingly versatile update to the orange version.

The two color schemes look great together and set off my Good Fortune pillows nicely as well.

Both Torn Landscape designs are 22x22" square, made by artisans local to me in San Francisco and filled with domestically made sustainable, renewable kapok fiber inserts. They're squishy and luxurious, perfect for any style interiors from formal and symmetric to casual modern.

To celebrate, I'm offering 10% off orders over $150 through June 30th.

Use code: New Things

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