More Stencil Projects

I've been designing and cutting my own stencils since the beginning of my business in 1999. It started  as a way to save money and turned into a passion process I still enjoy today. I design my stencils on tracing paper and cut them out of poster board which allows me to create custom designs that are perfect for my clients and my own artwork ideas too. I can create any idea on a moment's notice and avoid the environmental impact that plastic products have on our planet. Read my 'Closet Environmentalist' blog post if you'd like to know more about that story.

That being said, there are times when I need a large-scale accurate custom design, like this one I created in collaboration with Rita Konig for a client in Mill Valley, Ca,... (Read my post about this project)
For very special projects like these I rely on stencil genius, Melanie Royal of Royal Design Studio. Her products and her team are top notch. They make their stencils in-house in Southern California so working with her supports local and manufacturing
I worked love working with Stencil Library in England to create this custom stencil, inspired by a gate emblem, that I designed for a client. I loved the design so much, I used it in a painting that was featured in a video I made for Kelly-Moore Paints before selling it to a wonderful collector.
Here's a wall in my old office. I used a stencil to trace the flower pattern then filled it in with chalk...
And here, I cut out a few more to stencil this wall for my popup shop at UBe Art gallery.
The stencil I used for this painting is a quilt stencil that is also used to trace a pattern then stitch. I traced then painted the lattice pattern...
Then I printed an image of my painting onto linen to reupholster this vintage office chair.
The dahlias were made with my postboard stencils. Recognize it in my Kelly-Moore video?
My wonderful client bought the chair for her new house. Goes beautifully with the paint colors we chose together.
Now you start to see some of the stencils I've enjoyed using over and over because the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating art, pattern, textiles, feature walls- pretty much anything with stencils.

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