Putting Yourself 'out there'

Here's my booth at the Celebration of Craftswomen Art Show last weekend
Have you ever noticed that when you really muster the gumption to do something big, amazing things happen?
You get in the zone...
Your loved ones gather around to help (like my Honey, an accomplished artist who just threw together the walls for me like making a bed)...
(thanks DeeDee and my brother Lane for helping me make the cards and tags happen!)
You don't let those nipping worries and insecurities through the door, and you just keep going...
Until you see your whole vision is just sitting there before your eyes.
Sometimes you just have to appreciate everyone- the team, the village- whatever you want to call it. They are the people who want to see you succeed. And can I just beam for a minute? Ok. My Honey was more than happy to be my assistant for this endeavor even though he's been at the top of his field for many many years- means the world to me)
Thanks to my family for coming to support me. Thanks to those who made purchases, and especially, thanks to everyone who walked in and said, "I wanna live here!" Feels great to remember why I started painting in the first place and to share a bit more of my world with you.

to celebrate

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