Getting out and Getting to know you

Finding fun unique ways to get together can freshen up your conversations and bring new people and collaborations into you life and work. That's how Getting to Know you began; an idea I started to connect with bloggers, creatives, and artists to open up my community and learn from my peers.

(photos by Madelene Farin)

How else would I have met Linda Fahey of Yonder Shop, Vero Kherian of Miss Cheesemonger, and photographer, Madelene Farin and discovered how well our passions go together and how much fun we could have just, well, getting to know each other. Don't my Good Fortune napkins look amazing with these incredible spoons Linda made not only for her beautiful shop in Pacifica, but for Anthropologie is well?! I thought you'd agree.

Vhero was a fledgling blogger when we met at my house and heard about all the amazing ways cheese (she is Miss Cheesemonger afterall!) can be paired with simple fresh foods for an experience that's out of the world.

(Yonder spoons and platter paired with a Plein Heir napkin)

If there's someone you'd like to meet, a conversation you'd like to have, industry secrets you'd like to know, give me a ring and let's come up with a fun way to meet each other.