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A Funny Thing Happened on the way BACK from St. Helena

'White car' syndrome has struck again- you know: as soon as you buy a white car, you notice all the other white cars on the road? That syndrome? Case in point: Just back from my Color in the City trip to Wine Country, still fantasizing about what life would be like in St. Helena and beyond, I met an amazing artist, Jennifer Perlmutter, who did this en plein air painting (above) of this view (below) on Hwy 29 near Yountville... I know! She painted exactly that area where I lived for a month all those years ago when I was first smitten by the area. In her work, Jennifer captures perfectly what I saw too- that magical sun glow on...

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Color in the City St Helena

"Napa" has become synonymous with  'wine country' here in Northern California. Actually, wine country stretches way beyond the city and county of Napa over an expanse of counties, towns, and regions with more than 400 wineries tucked into a most stunning (and colorful) terrain. And there's so much more to this country than wine. There's a lifestyle here, for sure, that's different from any other place I've been. A few years ago I hired this tremendous trio of artists (Tricia George, Sierra Helvey, and Mina Reimer) and spent a month in Yountville painting this home that sat on a little knoll above mustard and lavender fields (the top picture was the view from the guest house) with a grove of...

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