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My conversation with Anh-Minh at the San Francisco Chronicle

Obviously, I was excited to hear that Anh-Minh Le wanted to interview me for the San Francisco Chronicle, but not just because of the press opportunity. I've long admired Anh-Minh's weekly Chronicle article, Stylemake Spotlight, and was totally impressed and inspired when she co-founded one of my favorite print magazines, Anthology. (click this image to read the article OR, you know, go get the Chronicle!!)   I especially appreciate her mentioning my new Plein Heir collection...   and, of course, my nomination for Martha Stewart's American Made contest (click this image to vote for me and share my nomination with your friends on Facebook!) to share this collection with America and allow me to create many more pieces and start developing...

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Shannon Kaye HOME's Plein Heir catalog

[caption id="attachment_9609" align="alignleft" width="456" caption="Click this image to view some my current offerings. OR contact me directly for a PDF version of the entire catalog and pricing."][/caption]

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Shannon Kaye HOME's Plein Heir Catalog; where furniture and art meet

  Here you go, the first few pages of the first edition of my Plein Heir catalog. I'll post a few pages every day this week along with links to previous posts with a little background on some of my new pieces.                                                             Click here for more details on my 'Rough Diamond' chairs. Click here to contact me directly for pricing and availability. AND come back tomorrow for the next few pages. And as always, thanks to Robert Birnbach Photography for such beautiful shots!  

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