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Writing on the Wall at San Francisco Decorator Showcase House 2015

So cool to be selected by Candace Barnes to create an art installation for the entry she designed at the 2015 Decorator Showcase House. "Create an Ode to Julia Morgan, the architect of this historic house, ideas, thoughts, notes floating down the stairs..." Candace said. I spent several days researching Julia Morgan's life and career... and some 60 sheets of paper, several pens and wax seals later... (photograph by David Duncan) ...the Ode to Julia was complete. It was just a layer in a detailed and dynamic room, but well worth the effort. (photograph by Patricia Chang) Catch the showcase tour while you can! Click here for tickets. See you there!

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the Plein Heir catalog pp. 9 & 10

[caption id="attachment_9595" align="alignleft" width="408" caption="I'm excited to share these recent painting as they both speak to personal experiences that have helped me grow this year."][/caption] [caption id="attachment_9594" align="alignleft" width="448" caption="As part of my floral series, I'm looking forward to finding flea market pieces that will show these little pieces off."][/caption]  

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the Plein Heir catalog pp. 7 & 8

[caption id="attachment_9582" align="alignleft" width="442" caption="I created this painting during my personal 'Painting-a-week' challenge earlier this year. I was inspired by some Navajo textiles I saw at the DeYoung Museum and was reminded of the Native American themed airport dolls and jewelry my dad used to bring me from his business trips to Indian Reservations across the country. I see this print becoming a textile pattern to sell by the bold, but for now this big comfy bolster pillow is adds a cheerful bust of oclor for any style room."][/caption] [caption id="attachment_9581" align="alignleft" width="434" caption="This painting recently sold, but you can still purchase a bolster pillow in this standard or custom size. It's hard to let go of my paintings, but...

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