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Cooking up ART and COLOR Events with Tamalpie Pizzaria

Recently, an awesome client referred me to a friend who owns a chic new restaurant in Mill Valley, and we're partnering up to offer two exciting Art and Color events! So cool. (Thanks, PR!) Join me at Tamalpie Pizzaria 477 Miller Avenue in Mill Valley, California for my latest Color Theory Class and an Art Reception to introduce my newest paintings and vintage furniture I'm re-working with an innovative twist!         ¬†Shannon Kaye's Home Colors Workshop Monday, June 24th from 2-4pm Bring a decorative piece from your home and join us for lunch, a review of the color wheel and unique method for helping you choose the perfect color palette for your home. Attendance is limited to...

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The Pulling and Pushing of Tape

You all know how much I love pulling tape at the end of a project... It's such a useful tool- I use it to repair stencils, mask objects I don't want to paint, stripe cabriolet legs- that sort of thing... Mark Khaisman has a whole different relationship with tape... He's ventured from manipulating digital images, to using translucent packing tape to recreate famous photos to well, this... yep, creating paintings and architectural detail with the darn stuff. But wait, there's more... Mark took to applying colored translucent tape, in the pattern of an antique rug, to a piece of plexi-glass, added a light, and mounted it to the wall.... hm.... what I can I do with this... What inspires you...

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