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My Village People- part 3

They say, it's not what you know, but who you know. I couldn't agree more! Case in point, Meagan Lewis, founder of Brown Pigeon created the X and O stamps for my stair project. I found her 'randomly' last year while looking on Etsy for custom stamps and homemade booklets for an event I was planning. Her stamps are so creative and precise, I had to come up with a way to use her work in the videos. I gave her the concept for the shapes which she turned into the perfect size and style. Gotta love when a plan comes together. Megan has a beautiful book coming out with Chronicle and continues to expand her horizons on with her...

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DIY Videos are UP! Thanks to my Village People

STEP RIGHT UP! READ ALL ABOUT IT! My videos for the DIY Channel are finally up! I'm so excited, not only because it's been a major work in progress for several months, but also because I can't wait to share these easy and colorful projects with you AND celebrate so many of the people who helped me get this all done. It really does take a 'village' to accomplish great things, and I happen to have the best tribe! So this week, I'm sharing behind the scenes details (along with links to the videos!) about the people and projects to show you how it all comes together. I'm starting with my brother, Lane, because I honestly, couldn't have done this...

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