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Power walk: architecture in the morning

The more I get out and walk, but more I love morning light. Here are some shots from a recent walk. Oh! Before we start, I have to shout out to Sarah Deragon of Portraits to the People for her 'iphoneography 101' class! Her info and guidance was like a sweet salve on this frustrated photographer's iphone. Thank you, Sarah!   Okay, here we go...      

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YARN BOMB! (signs San Mateo is becoming hip)

On a recent power walk, I noticed this... Do you see it? And a couple of blocks, or so, up the street- there it is again. And again! Yarn Bomb! I've seen this in Europe, but San Mateo? really? Wait- there's more!   A lot more... I'm re-naming this street Tube Sock Alley- we'll see if it holds up... get it? holds up? Wait- how'd they'd cover this PARKING sign?!   San Mateo has officially been bombed and I love it! It's more friendly, easier to clean up, and always makes me smile. Can you say that about graffiti? Here are more incredible attacks, including my personal favorite- the tank covered in a blanket with a pompon on the end...

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Color in the City- B Street Food Crawl

It's easy to blink and miss San Mateo, a sleepy city sandwiched between San Francisco to the north and Silicon Valley towns in the South Bay, and tucked in the shadows of affluent hillside areas like Hillsborough and Woodside to the west. I know. I live here and often berate myself for leaving the greener pastures, er uh, brighter lights of 'the City' for this. So, to adjust my attitude, I invited (perhaps begged) some friends to join me on a food crawl up B Street, an unassuming little boulevard of international restaurants- mostly individually owned- here in downtown San Mateo. [caption id="attachment_8574" align="alignleft" width="500" caption="That's my brother-in-law Andrew, sister Paige, and friends Meghan, and Carrie warming up at the...

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