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My Conversation with Anthology Magazine

I was introduced to Anh-Minh, Co-Editor of Anthology Magazine a few years ago when she was looking for local interior designers for a San Francisco Chronicle article. A regular contributor to the Chronicle and many other publications, I had no idea that soon she'd be starting her own beautiful, artfully curated new magazine, Anthology, and eventually featuring my home! What a treat, an honor, to get that call and then meet talented photographer, LIz Daly, and gifted stylist, Bryson Gill who took over my home in the most beautiful way. They were so fun to work with and so focused on sharing my home and work in a flattering light. I've spent years working with people in their homes, teaching...

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Making Abigail Ahern's Open Call!

  I'm so thrilled to be included in Abigail Ahern's Open Call blog feature where we talk about my Plein Heir collection and what I've learned from my creative business. Abigail is so unique, so willing to share her ideas, and so totally bold and original in her approach to color, home goods and interior design. If you follow me, you know I've followed and pinned and shared her work for a long time. She's my hero. To celebrate, I'm offering 20% of all products on my site! Click HERE to go to my shopping page then use the discount code-- thanks abigail (it comes up just before you pay) to receive your discount. THEN, go to Abigail's website to...

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My favorite Painted Lady

It's not a cocktail or a proposition- it's San Francisco's iconic Victorian style house. Known for their gingerbread details and vibrant paint colors, many of these homes survived the big earthquakes and post-quake fires of 1906 and 1989. [caption id="attachment_1967" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption=""William and Grace McCarthy Collection, (Audrey Fullerton - Donor)," 1906 AC 96-07-08 California State Archives Sacramento, California"][/caption] Recently I had the good fortune of color consulting for one of these beauties on lower Haight Street just a block or so above what the proud owner called "the fire-line" of the earlier quake. We had to consider the history of this home but also create something unique and thoughtful for today's aesthetics. Here's how it all went down: [caption...

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