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Un-Designed is the New Design

Maybe I'm getting a bit, ahem, old and cynical, but it just seems that most shelter blog articles these days feature homes with little or no design aesthetic at all. Sure, there's a smattering of popular items strewn across the room, like succulents by the window, teepee's in the corner, garlands of paper flowers strung overhead, a well placed family pet. But is this really good design? Is this design at all? Maybe this is a reaction to the 2% and the rest of us are saying, "Eh, just keep your fancy chandeliers, I'm fine using a dusty old rug I found on the street and badly painted little girl desk from the flea market. I can make this nice!"...

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Making Abigail Ahern's Open Call!

  I'm so thrilled to be included in Abigail Ahern's Open Call blog feature where we talk about my Plein Heir collection and what I've learned from my creative business. Abigail is so unique, so willing to share her ideas, and so totally bold and original in her approach to color, home goods and interior design. If you follow me, you know I've followed and pinned and shared her work for a long time. She's my hero. To celebrate, I'm offering 20% of all products on my site! Click HERE to go to my shopping page then use the discount code-- thanks abigail (it comes up just before you pay) to receive your discount. THEN, go to Abigail's website to...

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