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One Color, Infinite Ideas

It's been a spooky warm winter here in the San Francisco Bay Area and I for one feel parched (must be my Oregonian blood)... But it's raining today! [caption id="attachment_5122" align="aligncenter" width="338" caption="Local photographer, Kurt Rogers, captures San Francisco so beautifully"][/caption] Ahhhh, feels like I'm standing by the sink drinking a full glass of water from the faucet in one gulp knowing I'll fill my cup again as soon as the last drop hits my throat. Californians aren't known for embracing this weather (you'd think the occasional change in climate would be welcome here!). They call it dreary. But I see colors come to life and textures jump to the foreground... somehow perspective even seems to get deeper... I love...

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And, Action!

Last week was big! I gathered a production crew, wrote a script, and corralled some residential clients to film some testimonial videos for a national client. As of last week, I'm an executive producer and I couldn't be happier! We spent two days meeting clients and talking about the impact of choosing new paint colors for their homes. Here's the luck of a film crew: as soon as we stepped outside to shoot our homeowner talking about the new exterior color on his house (in a very quiet suburban little pocket neighborhood of San Francisco) a limousine pulled up across the street for a surprise 80'th Birthday party, a taxi pulled up to pick someone up next door, AND AND...

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I Love Hayes Valley!

The other day my brother, Lane, emailed me asking for recommendations of places to go for his friend heading to San Francisco on a quick visit. I immediately typed- Hayes Valley, of course! [caption id="attachment_1267" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Hayes Valley is where artists and innovators are coming to fill the store fronts with all things fashion and home goods ranging from kitschy handmade to glossy high end. The stores themselves are like a walking tour of creativity and the restaurants- though more and more are chains, sadly- still sport delicious food at a variety of price points- mostly affordable.."][/caption] There are several streets in the city packed with cool shops and eateries. But Hayes Valley offers such cool a diversity of...

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