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Navajo Geometric - design and repeat

[caption id="attachment_9034" align="alignleft" width="351" caption="I painted this piece earlier this year during my self-imposed 'painting-a-week' challenge. It's a combination of the Native American prints I grew to love as a child when my father would come home with gifts from his work visits to Indian reservations."][/caption] [caption id="attachment_9033" align="alignleft" width="480" caption="I added this black row of  a stencil I designed called 'love birds' because the colors felt like a celebration of history and present life woven together"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_9041" align="alignleft" width="500" caption="Then I found this cool table at the flea market. The dimensions on top are almost exactly that of my painting. Seemed like destiny stepped in front of me."][/caption] [caption id="attachment_9040" align="alignleft" width="500" caption="So I stripped off the old...

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Cooking up ART and COLOR Events with Tamalpie Pizzaria

Recently, an awesome client referred me to a friend who owns a chic new restaurant in Mill Valley, and we're partnering up to offer two exciting Art and Color events! So cool. (Thanks, PR!) Join me at Tamalpie Pizzaria 477 Miller Avenue in Mill Valley, California for my latest Color Theory Class and an Art Reception to introduce my newest paintings and vintage furniture I'm re-working with an innovative twist!         ¬†Shannon Kaye's Home Colors Workshop Monday, June 24th from 2-4pm Bring a decorative piece from your home and join us for lunch, a review of the color wheel and unique method for helping you choose the perfect color palette for your home. Attendance is limited to...

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