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Color in the City, St. Helena 2

This Summer, I was at Tres Sabores winery for a beautiful fundraising event with Project B Dance company (click here to see that post) At this event, chef Daniel Brooks painstakingly selected (and foraged with the help of volunteers!) almost the entire menu from local in season foods. The movement in these wine country regions is extending way beyond organically and bio-dynamically grown grapes to other healthy crops like heirloom grains that can be milled into flours that are far healthier, tastier, and less upsetting to our systems then the current modified grains in most foods today.  With just a tad more research I found this remarkable little treasure nestled just off the Hwy 29 between Calistoga and St. Helena:...

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MidSummer Night magic: a visit to Tres Sabores with Project B

It's kind of amazing how tiny moments and exchanges can align like stars to create something magic... I got a phone call from someone looking for help with their home. I met with her and jumped right into moving things around to bring her family time and favorite things together... we have a wonderful conversation and next thing you know we're talking about dance, my brother and her friend, Tanya Bello, the Artistic Director at Project B. Dance... and next thing you know, I'm walking up the path of Tres Sabores Winery in Rutherford, California to this magnificent scene... Dancers from Project B. on platforms in the vineyard... and on the hillside... and emerging from the underground cellar with a...

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