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Oh Say Can You See!

I'd never suggest you do this to your house (not ever). But I do think it's cool that someone had the idea, the courage, the creativity, the tenacity... I'm totally up for a little patriotism, just not quite this bold. Here's how I would do it: I was just in Pennsylvania working on a makeover project for CertaPro Painters (can't wait to show you!)... We drove past this house on the way to a vintage shop and I screeched, "Stop the car! I need a picture of that!!" I mean, seriously, have you ever seen a house like this? Or windows like this? And how is it that this star spangled dwelling has gone so unattended? I jumped out of...

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The Little House- a Love Story

I realize I may be dating myself (just a tad) here, but does anyone remember sitting by their 2 speed record players like I did- perhaps with a nickel taped to the needle arm to dip into the scratches- reading and singing along to story books like this? I must've listened to this book, The Little House, hundreds of times, daydreaming to the enchanting songs on the 'B' side. I had no idea then that this mini manor was Gothic style with stucco, a mansard roof and finial gables. I just remember wishing I lived there. I feel the same romantic nostalgia every time I pass this old Italianate style home near my client's house in San Francisco. Crowded by...

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A Really Big Shoe- Really

This image showed up on my facebook page the other day... It got me wondering... why do we think that our own houses will only have 'curb appeal' if they look like all the others? I mean when you look at this big shoe house do you think, 'horror of horrors! nothing this awful has ever happened to this community!" NO! You smile, you try to recall the nursery rhyme about the old woman with all the kids, you wonder how many bedrooms and bathrooms are in there (come on- you know you want to know!). Okay, so maybe you don't want to live in a shoe. But when did we decide that our homes should be 'normal', 'neutral', and...

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