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Lost and Found: Plein Heir furniture finds a new home

I'm always so excited when someone calls to hire me for a project or to purchase a piece. Seeing my work in print is awesome. And getting paid to do what I love is incredibly cool. But, when someone who's hired me or bought something from me calls back for more- THAT is the ultimate pay off! It's pretty cool too, when they send pictures to show me where they put their Plein Heir pieces- always makes me smile. I picked up these efficient little nightstands at a flea market... Gave them a 'Torn Landscape' treatment... And loved them so much, I kept them at home... That is, until they sold.  I received these pictures of their new home and...

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Ode to Green, my Love Story

Ever since I can remember, green has been my favorite color. Ask my mom. Every dress, skirt, outfit she ever made for me had to be green. I was just made that way. A few years ago, my business was becoming focused on color and design consulting, and hosting and producing for television and video were taking off too. All fantastic things, but I missed the thing that got me to all these cool milestones in the first place; painting. So, I started painting 'small', that is to say, painting on canvas rather than the designs I painted on walls, ceilings, floors, etc, for my early clients. Instinctively, I went to the verdant hues I know and trust. I painted...

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I'm Taking Pink Seriously

For years, the mere site of mauve, dusty rose and electric pink brought on traumatic shock and made my eye twitch. The 80's are over and I never want to go back! But a couple of years ago... (two linen prints of my 'Geo Fire' painting are applied to this vintage cabinet in my piano room- photo by Madelene Farin)  I found myself mixing several versions of pink, without even thinking, to add a highlight against the dark inky colors I've always used in my paintings. I made a saturated pink silk bed cover and painted this geometric triptych for my dark blue bedroom... I started adding pink flowers to my floral paintings and began collecting floral art for my...

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NEW Paintings Added to Plein Heir collection

My favorite Plein Heir pieces remain the 20x16" pillows because they most closely resemble the original paintings. So I'm especially looking forward to introducing these new pillow designs based on two paintings I finished a couple of years ago just before starting Plein Heir. They are sweet, and full of optimism. But, don't let that fool you into thinking they only belong in vintage settings. Add unexpected colors and design to modern, formal, and even neutral rooms with these comfy, luxurious pillows. Distressed Floral 20x16" linen pillow Green Lattice Floral 20x16" linen pillow To celebrate, I'm offering 10% off orders over $150 through the end of June. Use discount: New Things

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Ah, Fresh Perspective

So much has changed these past few months. Besides signing on with Kelly-Moore to create some videos (can't wait to share more about that), launching my new linen napkin sets and three new pillows designs, I also moved my art studio from my house and garage... a big new space in San Francisco. I still have many many things to organize, but now I really look forward to being here as much as possible to paint... ...touch up my furniture pieces as people buy them on Etsy... and take photos before they ship out... I'm also taking photos of these exciting new pieces as they come in too! I'm especially enjoying stepping away from my house and business to...

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