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Have I mentioned How Much I love my Tools?

This is not a paid post- I just have to shout out for the tools that make my work easier, better, tidier (is that a word?). I already used Shur-Line's mini rag rollers for my decorative painting business before Hosting Fresh Coat then becoming Shur-Line's spokesperson (2007-2010; a great run!) and a huge fan of their brushes and teflon coated trays. My favorite brushes are 1 1/2" square and angle. (Thank you, Paul and Shur-Line team) And I can't live without Fits-All Paint Can Spout (see the yellow and blue plastic thingies at the back of the counter?). I've used these for years to keep paint cans clean which keeps the paint fresh longer and the mess to a minimum....

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A Day in the Life... of my Dining Room

I had some friends over for a pancake brunch yesterday. Some were here for the first time, others were doing the usual, walking through my house to see what has changed since the last time they were here. We calculated that I've painted my dining room 8- yes, eight times since I moved here 6 years ago! Here's what my dining room looked like the day I moved in...   My dining room for an emergency makeover on Fresh Coat (sorry the picture is so bad!) Soon after,┬áCertaPro Painters (thank you, Adrienne!) painted my living and dining rooms in exchange for a photo shoot of my space (they're the best!). THEN Apartment Therapy saw pictures of my bedroom and bathroom...

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Play it again, Sam: the life of a piano

Many of you know that my mom taught me how to play the piano... I grew up plunking away on a Baldwin Acrosonic spinet, the same piano my Mom's been playing since she was seven years old. It's still in her living room... When I moved to San Francisco, a found my own, a little Grand, through a friend of a friend... [caption id="attachment_3690" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="I don't know how I scraped together $1300 back then, but having my own piano made San Francisco feel like my real home. I had everything I needed."][/caption] [caption id="attachment_3691" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Recognize the big mirror in the background? People say I purge a lot, but certain things feel like home no matter where...

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Good Stuff

I've slacked on blogging this week- there's much going on here in the Making Room for More camp. I'm working on some website stuff (can't wait to show you!), a big new article (so much fun!), contracts with clients, placing orders for that bedroom I showed you (remember what would you do week?), planning a little Holiday event... the plates are spinning, spinning... So, I'm keeping it simple this week with some fun tidbits I hope you enjoy, starting here! If by any chance you're flying Alaska Air in the near future, be prepared to read my tips about color in the Alaska Air's in flight magazine! The article starts on page 66, Creating New Spaces. Page 69 features my...

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Making Room for More- The Things You can do with a Piano

My first major purchase when I moved to San Francisco was this beat up but loved baby grand piano. I think it cost $1300 which was a massive amount at the time, but I knew that venturing into this brand new life and city would be easier with the comfort of my music. My friend's friend was moving to New York so I jumped at the opportunity to buy this piano. The smallest grand factories make, this 5' beauty is aptly nicknamed a Boudoir Grand. [caption id="attachment_1874" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="My studio in the Marina was my first laboratory for decorative painting. Every wall- and I do mean EVERY wall- had a different finish."][/caption] [caption id="attachment_1875" align="aligncenter" width="476" caption="Every period movie...

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