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All Dressed Up: a makeover story

Way back, long ago, someone bought this Art Deco style cabinet new. About ten years ago I bought it from a second-hand store for this bathroom I designed. Who knows how many people have owned this sweet piece, but recently it came back to me with the veneer a little worse for wear. Clearly still vibrant and useful otherwise, I decided to fix it up to stand guard for another owner and another long lifetime. Here's how it went:     I don't see it as salvaged, re-purposed, or re-cycled... just dressed for a new party and ready to go again.  Click here for purchase details.        

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Ode to Green, my Love Story

Ever since I can remember, green has been my favorite color. Ask my mom. Every dress, skirt, outfit she ever made for me had to be green. I was just made that way. A few years ago, my business was becoming focused on color and design consulting, and hosting and producing for television and video were taking off too. All fantastic things, but I missed the thing that got me to all these cool milestones in the first place; painting. So, I started painting 'small', that is to say, painting on canvas rather than the designs I painted on walls, ceilings, floors, etc, for my early clients. Instinctively, I went to the verdant hues I know and trust. I painted...

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Have I mentioned How Much I love my Tools?

This is not a paid post- I just have to shout out for the tools that make my work easier, better, tidier (is that a word?). I already used Shur-Line's mini rag rollers for my decorative painting business before Hosting Fresh Coat then becoming Shur-Line's spokesperson (2007-2010; a great run!) and a huge fan of their brushes and teflon coated trays. My favorite brushes are 1 1/2" square and angle. (Thank you, Paul and Shur-Line team) And I can't live without Fits-All Paint Can Spout (see the yellow and blue plastic thingies at the back of the counter?). I've used these for years to keep paint cans clean which keeps the paint fresh longer and the mess to a minimum....

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