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Living on the Edge- woooo

I'm always bummed when people shy away from color... I know it feels scary, but when it's done well... it's just so much better than the drab alternative. When tradition... is bucked (thank goodness) for something fresh... it's just so darn- um- refreshing! Take this house just a couple of blocks from my home... Can you really tell me that 'safe' colors are attractive? (say it together with me- NOOO!) They're not safe, they don't have curb appeal- they're terrible! I'd rather see a hot mess of an orange house than this because at least it means someone tried. Note: It takes just as much effort to pick boring neutrals as it does bad colors- not much at all. So...

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HGTV knows my favorite color- do you?

Sorry I've been mia these past several weeks. There's been so much brewing- feels like I've been running like an Olympian relay racer! You know, I generally prefer to tell stories and put together color palettes- I'll definitely get back to that, I promise! But today, I'm bursting at the seems with excitement over some good stuff. Check it out: In Jeannie Matteucci's Psychology of Color articles for HGTV's Remodels website, I got to chime in with my tips for the best ways to choose and use color in your home- you know how I love color! Here's a sneak peak at why green remains my all time favorite color... and read on about all of the colors and advice...

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Hang Glider Inspired Color Palette

waiting for the right time... trusting your instincts... and taking the leap! I'm sure with hang gliders launching off mountains all over the world, there are countless hues they've seen from their wings. This palette is based on the day I spent at Ed Levin County Park in Milpitas California watching my friend, Krista's first hang gliding lesson. Peaceful and open, this palette could work in any room with any style. Behr Grassy Field Behr Peaceful Behr Nevada Sky

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Meeting Mateo

[caption id="attachment_140" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Photo by Victoria Smith"][/caption] My talented friend, Mateo, has been a thriving artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. But these days he also manages a successful painting career in Berlin where he runs his Zozoville Gallery with fellow artist, Johan Potma. He shares a charming Kreuzberg neighborhood apartment with his equally delightful wife. Here’s what he has to say about color, design, and all things fantastical: SK: Your paintings are always a fest of unexpected color and surprise. Is there a color palette that often creeps into your work? What’s the attraction? Mateo: Thanks! I appreciate the recognition for my color choices! To be honest I often struggle to find a color palette that feels...

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