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When Others Succeed

  I've taken more than a few knocks in my career and life. Haven't we all at this point? One of the best ways I've learned to cheer myself up and feel positive again is to celebrate the successes and accomplishments of others. Makes me feel hopeful and closer to my own success. The beauty of celebrating every success is that it doesn't matter what size the accomplishments are or who they belong to! It's just better for everyone to congratulate and cheer and raise a hopeful ruckus than to kick a foot in the dirt and complain about unfair advantages. That's boring and totally unproductive. So let's just celebrate together, shall we?! Here are more awesome people worth congratulating:...

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From Flax to Fabric: how linen is made

As I dove into the next round of development for my pillows, I needed a lot of advice about the best linen to use for different production processes (I'll tell you more about that later) and where to find the gorgeous linen (hint; it comes from this field of flax) I have in mind, not only for pillows, but for other pieces I'm starting to imagine. Who better to contact than Judy Ross, founder and creator of Judy Ross Textiles in New York. A long time fan of her work, I emailed Judy asking for a quick interview with her to learn about her creative and sourcing process. We had a wonderful conversation (thank you, Judy!) which had me re-inspired...

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