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Color in the City Brookly- Part deux

Still a Decorative Painter at heart, I can't help but smile at the amazing creations that can come from these three basic elements- paint, brush, imagination. And soon as we hit the street, I'm smiling from ear to ear. Of course, there are shops, restaurants, etc. But it's the art on the buildings that catches my eye... The streets are still very much singular in their brick and stone structure, but that hasn't held anyone back from making their own unique statement. Even simple touches like the hand painted transom windows in this coffee shop add a comfy touch Next is the Flea Market in the Fort Greene area... where the vendors are as colorful as their wares... [caption id="attachment_5627"...

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A Very Good Sign

Yesterday, the new signs for Willa Home went up...   Bringing all the details together takes a mix of exact measuring and visual fussing. For example, keeping the graceful elegant feel of the new Willa Home logo on these jumbo sized signs took a little fussing... These are the Pantone colors the graphic designer and printer used for the logo and business cards: The sign maker could've ordered these exact colors in vinyl for the sign, but the look would've been flat and thin- not good when you want people to notice you from their cars or walking down the sidewalk. So, concentrating more on the 'feel' than the exact color, I chose these stock vinyl colors for a fast...

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You Can't Be in a Bad Mood: things that make me smile

Recently, I'm noticing more art, objects, things that make me smile. I have a saying when I find something really cheerful and clever or beautiful at the same time, "You can't be in a bad mood when you look at that!" Here are a few things that put me in a great mood... Dominic Wilcox is one of my favorite emerging artists. Check out his latest work (and his blog, Variations on Normal), Watch Sculptures called Moments in Time. Jaime Derringer, founder of Design Milk must share my sense of humor, she finds images, products and design that often make me smile. These made me laugh out loud... I especially love this photo by Vadim Fedotov that appeared on my...

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