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Hanging Out at Home: how to hang art in your house

For most of us, buying art is scary, and figuring out where to hang it, well, forget about it. It looks so easy in magazines until you turn to your own room and think, ‘my house will never look like that.” When contacted me to ask for tips on how to use art in a house, I knew it was time for this article. Look, besides painting your walls, adding art to a room is one of the quickest and most effective ways to transform a space and add your own personal touch. So don’t get discouraged, get daring! And try some of these tried and true ways to bring more art- and style- into your home and your...

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New Workshops Announced this week!

A client once told me that she always felt like she had to apologize when guests came over. She loved her home but didn't know how to make it feel better.If you're feeling insecure or unsatisfied by the way it feels to live in your home, here's your chance this year to change that: HUE 1: Using Color to Create a Space you Love at Neighbor's Corner in San Francisco on Sunday, March 6th 499 Douglass Street @ 21st Street San Francisco CA 94114 In this interactive workshop, HUE 1, you'll learn how to use a paint deck, read a color wheel and discover three classic color palettes that you can personalize for your home. "I worried my husband would...

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21 days to Love- Don't forget the bubbly!

23 3/4" x 18" mixed media on salvaged wood panel You know that feeling when you first kiss, first hold hands, first lean into someone who makes you bubble up inside? That's what this painting is about- it's the wonderful chaos that interrupts your ordered world and makes it so much more fun. Does that make you think of someone you know? Because I know exactly who inspired me.        

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Show your Dedication 2 Design- this week at Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery

Don't miss this opportunity to learn everything you wanted to know about how to use color, art, textiles and everything else to create beautiful rooms in your home. Join me for this 3-day event packed with experts sharing their passion, advice, and Dedication 2 Design! Click here or on the image for program and tickets, but hurry. I'd love to see you there:   Here are some of the experts and the passion the advice they'll share:  

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Saying Goodbye to Calistoga

People say that letting go of a piece of art is like letting go of a child. I'm not totally sure that's true because while I do enjoy creating these paintings- especially those that tell such a personal story- I'm always thrilled when someone else is touched by my work and looks forward to having it in their home. So, I'm very happy to say good-bye to this painting I call 'Calistoga Arch' and hope that the new owner enjoys it as much- even more- than I have. The original is gone, but the image may well turn up in other products coming soon. Here are a few more pieces I've sold recently:

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