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Week 9- Stepping Out to Take In the View

What a difference a day at the beach makes! This week, my friend, Andy, got me out of my house AND my head with a little painting a la 'plein air' style¬† at Montara Beach near Half Moon Bay. We packed up some paints and a few nibbles and plopped down right in the middle of a gorgeous view.   We packed small canvases, of course, but when Andy pulled out this little wooden palette for me, I just started painting that instead! You all know how much I like painting on, well, pretty much anything better than canvas. I'm not sure why, but I went with it and created my most realistic (and yet, still VERY stylized, of course)...

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Pumpkins, Anyone? Half Moon Bay at a Glance

Saturday I mozied over to Ebb Tide Cafe in Half Moon Bay with my friend, Mladen (awesome morning!) for hot coffee, warm conversation, and a beautiful view. The road from my town on the Bay to Mladen's neighborhood by the Ocean is only about 14 miles. But it's a 2-lane road dotted with pumpkin patches and Christmas tree farms. So rather than sweat the Pumpkin hunting traffic to get home, I stayed in town for awhile taking in Half Moon Bay's beautiful surroundings and quirky architecture. Take a look...          

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