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Pour it Forward

Okay, this may sound too beginner, but I have to say, using every last drop of my stuff makes me feel conscious, grateful, and resourceful. How do you savor your stuff to the last drop? It seems like those last few drops of dish soap last forever, but I still have to squeeze out every last drop. I do the same for my lotion. I'm bummed these products come in plastic and hope that changes in the near future. 'Til then, I'll just use every drop of this stuff so nothing else goes in landfill but the container.When my soaps get super thin and ready to break, I push it onto a newer bar and let them mush together. I...

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Are We There Yet?

The other day I was writing my To Do list when the pen I was using, it was from a fancy hotel I stayed in just a few months back, sprung apart collapsing from my hand into pieces. Annoyed, I got up to throw the pen away and noticed a gift bag from a little design event I went to the night before. I unloaded the contents which included this mug. Are we really still using these antiquated marketing devices? What am I going to do with this ugly mug- find a mosaic instructor looking for donations? I started looking around my work area and spotted a re-usable bag from another industry event- so cute and colorful- this is a...

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