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Bursting Out in 2013

I'm not much of a 'resolution gal', but where 2012 felt like the year of decisions and grown up moves, 2013 feels like the year of action. So, I'm challenging myself to do a painting a week for the next six (yep, 6) months. Here's my first piece... I love where my business is now and wouldn't trade my professional decisions for anything, but I do miss painting and spending my time being creative and well, colorful!, so I'm excited to give this a whirl and see what happens. It wasn't hard at all to get started, but I did cancel my cable to help keep me motivated. I also continue to follow these two blogs that always inspire me...

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You Can't Be in a Bad Mood: things that make me smile

Recently, I'm noticing more art, objects, things that make me smile. I have a saying when I find something really cheerful and clever or beautiful at the same time, "You can't be in a bad mood when you look at that!" Here are a few things that put me in a great mood... Dominic Wilcox is one of my favorite emerging artists. Check out his latest work (and his blog, Variations on Normal), Watch Sculptures called Moments in Time. Jaime Derringer, founder of Design Milk must share my sense of humor, she finds images, products and design that often make me smile. These made me laugh out loud... I especially love this photo by Vadim Fedotov that appeared on my...

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