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Click this image to see my work with the DIY Channel including some projects from my show Fresh Coat and the latest how-to paint projects that launched this Summer. Then go to their Facebook page and ask for more projects by, well, me! Thanks, and have a great weekend everyone!

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Making the Makeover- getting it all done

With the painters working away and the shopping basically done, I still have time to do a little more painting myself. You all know I'm a DIY enthusiast. (Heck, I even give my residential clients assignments to get them involved in the creative process of designing personal and beautiful rooms- am I telling the truth, Leila?). But here's the thing; when you get the help you need for those big gnarly projects (like a two-story entry for example??)... [caption id="attachment_6459" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="(thank you, Steve!)"][/caption] it frees you up to tackle those little projects that are really easy to do yourself. I'd normally have this homeowner painting with me, but I've got her digging through her basement for family heirlooms...

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The Whole Sha Bang! diy paint Videos and more...

With the DIY videos about wrapped up, I'm heading off to Philadelphia soon to work on a makeover for CertaPro Painters getting back just in time to start a residential interior design project with a new client. It's been a super busy Summer and I'm super grateful. Could you do me a favor while I'm away? Watch all of the videos (linked below!) then go to DIY Network's facebook page and let them know you saw them, which ones you like, and maybe that you'd like to see more. I enjoyed coming up with unexpected painting projects and would love to keep going. Thanks! Here are the links and a few candid moment from the shoot I thought you'd enjoy...

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My Village People- finale

Here's the thing, whatever you commit to creatively becomes the center of your thinking... like... even though decorative painting projects like this aren't nearly as big a part of my daily business anymore... [caption id="attachment_5982" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="(ah, the crew. I hired these gals to spend a month with me in Yountville 'Napa, wine country, paradise' painting in this house. We lived in the guest house and had lunches overlooking mustard fields- hard work and heaven)"][/caption] I still think and design like a decorative painter. I think in layers and patterns, tools and techniques... And the people I work with are at the center of that thinking too. That includes the artists and creatives like those you've met this week......

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