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Week 2 Painting- Torn Landscape

So far, I'm really enjoying this resolution of completing one painting a week. This piece was inspired by two things... [caption id="attachment_7432" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="1. This dresser design I created and painted for the DIY Channel this past Summer. I tore pieces of posterboard to create jagged edges that became stylized landscape rows..."][/caption] [caption id="attachment_7433" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="2. ...and Meagan Lewis, awesome friend and founder of of Brown Pigeon stamps, saw the dresser and said, "Oh, I could make a bunch of those landscapes and hang them on my wall!" or something close to that."][/caption] I'm so used to working big (think a kitchen full of cabinets, 9' walls...) that her idea to create several landscapes on a small scale...

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See the Writing on the Wall

From the time I remember learning to write I also remember admiring my mother’s handwriting. Actually, both of my parents have beautiful handwriting. They never forced or even talked about it, that I recall. But they did both seem to take pride in their penmanship. So when other kids sat in church doodling houses and airplanes on the church programs, I’d ask my mom to lay out handwriting exercises lining up rows of hash marks and stacking dashes so I could practice matching the angles and sizes of my letters to her marks. I did it over and over. We must’ve all done it because each of my brothers and sisters have their own unique and gorgeous style writing. [caption...

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It's Vote Season

Exciting News! Willa Home, one of my favorite home boutiques, has invited me to celebrate their re-opening event featuring my decorative pillow designs and paintings! There's are lots of details to work out and I'll keep you posted, but I need your help. I'd like to create a new pillow design or two for the event in September and I can't decide which painting(s) to use. I need to act fast, so vote for your favorite design on my facebook page and tag two of your friends in the post so they can vote too! The first person to vote and the last to vote (starting now!) and the last to vote (next Thursday) will get one of the new...

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Paint, the Great Experiment

The other day, I was in my favorite magazine shop, Juicy News, on Fillmore Street in San Francisco (tell me where you find your favorite mags!). The awning says Barron's but everyone I talk to still calls it Juicy News, the old name for this cubby of a store packed with big inspiration! It's where I first found design magazines that are still my favorites today- Objekt, World of Interiors, ... [caption id="attachment_4610" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="Tell me this doesn't make your heart sing just a little..."][/caption] Anyway, on this visit an issue of Vogue Living caught my eye... [caption id="attachment_4613" align="aligncenter" width="492" caption="Notice the molding painted in random unfinished washes of color... I'm in love..."][/caption] I picked it up and...

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Walls I Love

These days it can be hard to tell the difference between paint, wallpaper, and wall decals... of course, when I see anything fantastic on a wall, I think about how I could do it with paint. Here are some of my all time fav wall finishes- most are made with paint, but one is made with decals (I won't tell you which!) that I can't wait to create in my own  paintable version... I need more walls :-)

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