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Minding the Repeat- Week 5

I'm used to working within parameters of a project; the client's desires, the limitations or possibilities of a room or surface, following existing design elements... I'm also accustomed to working on a large scale; painting walls, ceilings, furniture, creating and producing videos, choosing exterior paint colors for San Francisco's gingerbread Victorians, creating color palettes for a paint brochure... So, committing to these small weekly paintings has had me working way, WAY, out of my comfort zone. But 5 weeks and 5 paintings in, I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. I'm always inspired by textile and wallpaper design. Lately I've been really caught up in Navajo style patterns... The shapes are so dynamic... And the colors so...

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A Day in the Life... of my Dining Room

I had some friends over for a pancake brunch yesterday. Some were here for the first time, others were doing the usual, walking through my house to see what has changed since the last time they were here. We calculated that I've painted my dining room 8- yes, eight times since I moved here 6 years ago! Here's what my dining room looked like the day I moved in...   My dining room for an emergency makeover on Fresh Coat (sorry the picture is so bad!) Soon after,┬áCertaPro Painters (thank you, Adrienne!) painted my living and dining rooms in exchange for a photo shoot of my space (they're the best!). THEN Apartment Therapy saw pictures of my bedroom and bathroom...

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True Grass Farms Color Palette

There was so much to cover yesterday, I just couldn't squeeze in one more image! (see yesterdays post) Visiting True Grass Farms definitely reminded me of days gone by, of the natural rhythm of life, of taking pride in every little thing you do... it was a sweet, slow, and colorful experience I won't forget any time soon... Here's my color palette for Valley Ford, California and True Grass Farms: Holly's bouquet summed it up pretty beautifully too...  

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