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A Rose by Any Other Name...

I had such a great time filming a new video series for Kelly-Moore Paints. In the last series, we covered interior home painting basics like how to paint trim, ceilings, walls, etc. This time 'round, we're using color as a design tool and I share the steps for two decorative paint techniques that will hopefully get your creative mojo going for every room in your house! The most interesting conversations we always have during filming are about the names of the paint colors. Having worked professionally with several paint companies, I know several paint decks intimately now and can recognize certain paint brands and colors immediately. I've come to appreciate and even enjoy the names of all these paint colors!...

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Shannon Kaye HOME's Plein Heir Catalog; where furniture and art meet

  Here you go, the first few pages of the first edition of my Plein Heir catalog. I'll post a few pages every day this week along with links to previous posts with a little background on some of my new pieces.                                                             Click here for more details on my 'Rough Diamond' chairs. Click here to contact me directly for pricing and availability. AND come back tomorrow for the next few pages. And as always, thanks to Robert Birnbach Photography for such beautiful shots!  

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Painting the Unthinkable

Last night, I gave a little lecture at my friend, Ray's, Art Practices class at San Francisco State. He asked me to talk about, among other things, how I came to my particular art form. Hm, well, besides the biographical events that led me to decorative painting, there's the physical aspect of painting on a large scale that I like- oh, and that someone could be enveloped in the experience that I created with color, texture, pattern... But my Painting a Week Challenge is about well, challenging myself, so I did the unthinkable... I painted these teeny tiny (2" x 4" to be exact) canvases to see if I could still create movement and the spontaneous interactions that paint and...

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