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Painting the Unthinkable

Last night, I gave a little lecture at my friend, Ray's, Art Practices class at San Francisco State. He asked me to talk about, among other things, how I came to my particular art form. Hm, well, besides the biographical events that led me to decorative painting, there's the physical aspect of painting on a large scale that I like- oh, and that someone could be enveloped in the experience that I created with color, texture, pattern... But my Painting a Week Challenge is about well, challenging myself, so I did the unthinkable... I painted these teeny tiny (2" x 4" to be exact) canvases to see if I could still create movement and the spontaneous interactions that paint and...

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Bursting Out in 2013

I'm not much of a 'resolution gal', but where 2012 felt like the year of decisions and grown up moves, 2013 feels like the year of action. So, I'm challenging myself to do a painting a week for the next six (yep, 6) months. Here's my first piece... I love where my business is now and wouldn't trade my professional decisions for anything, but I do miss painting and spending my time being creative and well, colorful!, so I'm excited to give this a whirl and see what happens. It wasn't hard at all to get started, but I did cancel my cable to help keep me motivated. I also continue to follow these two blogs that always inspire me...

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